Business intelligence solution for cost optimizing and processes flows management.



Specialized to implement client oriented software, we help you translate your ideas and thoughts in the right manner.


Web Solutions

Research and website analisys, web design, and implement SEO and SMM campaigns.


About us


Bell Synergy is providing web management and customized solutions to small businesses and corporate companies on Romanian market. We deliver a full range of web management services, specializing in web development, web design, web consultancy and hosting solutions.

We believe that customers satisfaction is the benchmark for every business and so we are committed to bringing greater value to our clients through innovation, performance and quality.

Our Team

Our TeamIn order to provide the best possible services for our clients we are hiring the best people and help them realize their fullest potential and develop their career.

Our Team Strengths

Value: We value time and resources and provide you with the best solution in order for you to achieve the generous return-on-investment and pursue your own business mission with more focus.

Relationship: We not just try to know your business needs, we strives to understand them, long before our formal engagement in the project. We keep instep with you by immersing ourselves in your milieu. We adapt to what you see - with a different perspective.

Innovation: We bring you the new technologies to fit your needs in a direct and effective manner. We take stock of the rapidly changing world and the leapfrogging of technology to connect you to both.

Empowerment: We not only provide you with software solutions, we provide you power through the revolutionary wonders of technology and the infinite ability of the brain, to put you ahead through useful, effective information.

Effectiveness: Time is the only irreplaceable resource so we value it and use it wisely to deliver our solutions on time.

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