Business intelligence solution for cost optimizing and processes flows management.



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what is SYBIS?

SYBIS connects and integrates your current business applications like accounting, sales, inventory, salaries, etc. and brings new functionalities and modules customized for your business specific.
  • provided easy using and customization functions
  • it manages and controls the flows and activities from your organization to increase your revenues and reduce your cost.

what does it do for MY BUSINESS?

  • optimizes and implement a logic written workflow between your customers and the company
  • provides supports for logistic department
  • centralizes data for the economic department
  • provides the management a powerful monitoring and supervising system
  • it implements automatically price policies for each customer
  • it handles all the orders and delivery aspects
  • organizes the sales agents and their clients for a better workflow
  • increases the constant exchange information flow
  • automatically handles new orders and clients by using an automated messaging system

how do the ORDERS SYSTEM works?

  • the orders are created in the system automatically by clients or by sales agents
  • all the orders could go through various states : approved, vizualized, modified, cancelled
  • all the orders have audit and history is enabled on every order

how SYBIS assists the MANAGEMENT?

  • SYBIS - is changing the repetitive process into automation and the business from checking and overseeing to supervising and monitoring
  • it allows the management to play with prices and discount policies in order to establish the best performance indexes
  • visually represents the cash-flow, P&L indicators and other financial data
  • integrated system for customer management
  • generates sales reports